Community Guidelines

Our guidelines exist to give you the best networking experience possible. We expect the highest standards from our users, and take these guidelines seriously. Failure to adhere to these guidelines will result in being banned from using the Connectful app.

Connectful is here to revolutionize the way young adults connect. Here’s our guidelines for good networking 101:

Be a Good Human

We care about our users, and want to see everyone thrive. Any form of bullying, harassment, discrimination, inappropriate/sexual messaging, hate speech, slurs, racism or sexism will not be tolerated. When an account or comment is reported, our moderators will review each one and take immediate action. This is because we want Connectul to be a fun and enjoyable place to be!

Give Respect, Get Respect

Secondly, we believe that every person has an important voice, and that our individual opinions make us special. So respect each other in the forums, in direct messages and if you go offline, in the real world too. Be respectful and open-minded to other ideas and point-of-views in the forums and in direct messages, but please report anything that doesn’t adhere to our guidelines. If you want to be respected, be respectful.

Ghosting Sucks

It’s hard putting yourself out there. But we encourage you to bring your full self to the table, and to put real effort into networking. Respond to requests and messages in a timely manner to not leave anyone hanging. Who knows, you could end up finding your next business partner! We promise, it’s worth it.

No Soliciting

Lastly, do not solicit in direct messages or use any form of MLM. Connectful isn’t a marketplace for selling products or services, and if you do so, you’ll be banned from using the platform.

We need your help to ensure our platform remains respectful and kind. We are so glad you are apart of our community and are grateful that you will help uphold these guidelines to make Connectful safe and fun for everyone.

Last update: November 13, 2020